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        About Us
           The headquarters of Suzhou Guoxin Group is located in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, the golden area of Yangtze River Delta, with Yangtze River in the east, Shanghai in the south, Suzhou in the west, Changshu in the north, as a famous southern city with long history, flourishing culture, developed economy and beautiful landscape, enjoying the name of “golden Taicang of beautiful Jiangnan”, one of the most developed counties (cities) in Jiangsu Province, among the top ten of domestic top 100 countries, winning the comprehensive strength award of the first Yangtze River Delta development zone with the highest investment value, and also one of the first 6 counties that take the lead in realizing high-level well-off in Jiangsu Province.
           Suzhou Guoxin Group was Taicang External Trade Company, established in January 1980, restructured and established in 2000, as a typical mixed ownership enterprise. The group now sets six functional departments including group office, financial department, legal audit department, organization personnel department, information office, fund settlement center, three professional subsidiary groups including international trade, industrial real estate, financial investment, and 28 third subsidiaries, has preliminarily developed to be a comprehensive enterprise group with international trade, industrial real estate, financial investment advantages complemented in synergetic development, as one of the top 500 Chinese modern service enterprises, excellent enterprise and famous enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and top 100 modern service enterprises in Jiangsu Province and top 10 modern service enterprises in Suzhou City.
        1. Financial investment

          supply chain financial service, guarantee, small loan, insurance agency, equity investment in financial institution and quasi-financial institution, privately offered fund and wealth management, etc.

        2. International trade

          operation and agency of import and export of various companies and technologies; import and export business consulting, trade consulting service; international transportation agency of goods imported and exported by sea, land, air; transacting customs procedure, customs clearance and relevant consulting service, etc.

        3. Construction asset management

          real estate development and sales, industrial park construction investment attraction, housing rental, property management, interior decoration engineering design and construction, greening engineering design, curtain wall decoration engineering design, project investment, real estate intermediary service, investment consulting and management, etc.

        insist on the keynote of keeping improvement in stability, continue to advocate the enterprise spirit of “being united and pragmatic, tolerant and inclusive”, stick to the operation idea of “being sincere, allied, developing, win-win”, aim to improve group development quality and benefit, narrow strategic facet, focus on main course, deep plough the main battlefield, integrate inventory, attach importance to increase, focus on constructing the industry and finance integrated strategy in which capital operation supports industrial operation, industrial operation promotes capital operation, and comprehensively realize the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.
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