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        The 13th Five-year Program

        During the “12th Five-year Program”, after realizing the significant concept of professional separate operation, Guoxin Group enters new development phase, with economic strength, profitability and social influence greatly improved. In the new historical period, Guoxin Group ushers in rare development opportunity and faces new challenge, needs to further systematically summarize experience and lesson during the “12th Five-year Program”, closely combines with change of national and social economic situation, according to the spirit of national and regional “the 13th Five-year Program”, researches and compiles the “13th Five-year Program” of Guoxin Group, proposes development idea and points out development direction for the future of Guoxin Group.

        The compilation of the “13th Five-year Program” closely combines with the actual development of Guoxin Group, widely listens to and accepts opinions and suggestions, and finally forms Outline of the “13th Five-year Program” of Suzhou Guoxin Group. The outline includes seven chapters, expatiates on the economic situation during the “13th Five-year Program”, proposes the guiding idea, principle, development, key work and system guarantee during the “13th Five-year Program”, reflects the strategic idea, decision-making intention and development orientation of Guoxin Group, as the important basis for operation management works of the group and subsidiaries, departments affiliated, as the grand blueprint for continuous and healthy development of Guoxin Group in the future, and program of action for all employees of the group.


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