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        Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Group Jianmei Decoration Co., Ltd. 

        The company is a professional decoration company that integrates interior and exterior design and construction with second class qualification in building decoration engineering contract, mainly undertakes design and construction of decoration engineering of shop, commercial building, factory, hospital, office building, top grade restaurant, villa and residence.

        With the spirit of “advocating scientific decoration, creating high-quality project”, the company adheres to traditional decoration culture, leads new decoration trend by “fine design, environment friendly material, overall construction”, really infiltrates “professional and service” idea in housing measurement, design, process, material, construction, after-sale, creates added value that cannot be copied and replaced through brand value, original design, innovative process, green, environmental, energy saving and intelligent platform, and really assures consumer.

        Concentration accomplishes professionalism, the company will finely create a healthy, safe, elegant, comfortable, green and environmental commercial and residential space for every customer with the warmest service, best quality and most reasonable price.


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