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        Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Construction Group Co., Ltd.

        The group was established in April 2011, as one of the three professional subsidiary groups under Guoxin Group.

        The Construction Group is engaged in real estate development, with the registered capital of RMB 110 million, with second class development qualification. The Construction Group invests in 7 subsidiaries and relevant industry, the main business scope is: real estate development and sales, industrial park construction investment attraction, housing rental, property management, interior decoration engineering design and construction, greening engineering design, curtain wall decoration engineering design, project investment, real estate intermediary service, investment consulting and management, etc.

        Despite of starting late, the Construction group has a high start, and has entered the real estate development management industrial chain that integrates development construction, engineering tendering, real estate sales, decoration, ELV intelligence, property management, etc., and property

        forms as residential real estate and industrial real estate, logistics real estate, commercial real estate, etc., experienced different building types as low rise, multi-layer, high rise, etc., formed the operation mode of attaching importance to both holding type rental operation and sales operation, successfully developed projects as Foreign Trade Entrepreneurship Park, Shanghai International Plaza, Yi Jing Nan Yuan, Donggang Binhe Garden, Guoxin Financial Building, Dalian Road Logistics Park, Zibo Guoxin International Mansion, etc., and played a positive model role in urban planning and construction.

        During the 13th Five-year Program, the group gradually promotes transformation of real estate operation mode, from single real estate development sales to the comprehensive service mode engaged in light asset management. For this purpose, the group takes asset management department as the carrier, and takes the road of asset operation management. On one hand, the group operates and manages own asset to promote asset preservation and appreciation; on the other hand, the group explores operation management service for social asset, on the basis of traditional “purchase-dispose-transfer” asset management trade mode, actively tries asset replacement, M&A and restructuring, debt-to-share, asset securitization, etc., improves asset value for customer, extends asset operation value chain, and improves own profit development space.

        The group will continue to improve organization and operation mechanism, strengthen local business in Taicang, actively seek development in other place, rationally coordinate long-term vision and short-term objective, strengthen market operation mechanism, strengthen innovative development motive, create high-quality architecture, forge real estate brand, and try to become an excellent real estate enterprise group with leap-forward development and sustainable operation.

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