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        Introduction to Shanghai Loujiang  Investment Management  Center

        Shanghai Loujiang Investment Management Center is established by Suzhou Guoxin Financial Investment Group, Dongyuan (Tianjin) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and seniors in the industry on the basis of common operation idea, registered in Asset Management Association of China, as a professional investment management institution engaged in equity investment and management investment consulting business.

        The company always adheres to the cooperate of “professional, devoted, win-win” and provides M&A business to listed company, actively concerns high-quality asset within the business scope of listed company and potential M&A opportunity, assists relevant listed company in transverse, longitudinal or mixed industrial M&A, and provides customized M&A service that meets the strategic development requirement.

        The M&A fund business of Loujiang owns the following obvious competition advantages:

        1. Overall plan design that covers strategic consulting, investment bank and investment;

        2. “M&A + private placement” closed loop service capacity in capital operation;

        3. Rich listed company and various financial resources and excellent channel integration capacity;

        4. Cooperation foundation and relation bond created with the core of interest share.

        Since being established in 2013, the company has set 4 M&A funds, with more than 10 reserve projects, the scale of managed M&A fund asset is more than RMB 700 million, in which the accumulated investment scale that Loujiang Investment contributes in GP, mezzanine, etc. is more than RMB 100 million.

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