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        Introduction to Suzhou Dongjiang Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.

        Suzhou Dongjiang Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive insurance professional agency company approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission and established by Suzhou Guoxin Financial Investment Co., Ltd., with the registered capital of RMB 5 million, formally established on September 4, 2009. Suzhou Dongjiang Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. is a professional insurance agency company engaged in property insurance and credit insurance, and accepts the commitment of PICC Property and Casualty Co., Ltd. as agent of property insurance. At the same time, the company is entrusted by  China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation for credit insurance business, including: sales promotion of insurance product, collecting premium on behalf of insurance company, investigation and claim settlement of insurance accident on behalf, other business approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

                Contact: Zhang Liqin

                Tel.: 0512-53207900

                E-mail: zlq@szguoxin.com

                Fax: 0512-53567273


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