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        Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Group Wangshun Import and Export Co., Ltd.

        Established in 2000, the company is an import and export company engaged in M&E, light industrial product, passed ISO90012008 quality management system certification in 2009, with import and export amount reaching more than USD 100 million in 2016.

        The company attaches importance to cooperating with production enterprise, tries to cultivate stable goods source base, focuses on developing M&E, light industrial product, and forms operation characteristics and professional operation. Now the company has constructed two M&E product export bases for baby stroller, children bicycle and railway fastener with certain scale.

        Main exported product: baby stroller, children bicycle, motorcycle; railway fastener; auto parts,

        engineering mechanical parts, bicycle parts, elevator parts, garment and fabric, etc.

        Contact: Lu Xiaoming

        Tel.: 0512-53568890

        E-mail: luxm@szguoxin.com

        Fax: 0512-53955626


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