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        Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Group Taicang Hengxiang Import and Export Co., Ltd.

        The company is a comprehensive foreign trade company engaged in import and export business. For years, through providing high-quality and efficient service, the company has cooperated with domestic and foreign enterprises in good reputation, rapidly developed import and export trade, constantly expanded company scale, and preliminarily formed a product marketing network with ordered management, efficient marketing, integrated service, established stable trade service channel with a number of institutions, established good cooperation with domestic and foreign merchants, with customers covering more than 50 countries and regions in the five continents in the world.

        Main business: import and export of wool, cotton knitted garment, textile, show stand, artware, furniture, toy, wine, goods for everyday consumption, chemical raw material, hardware building material, etc. and processing with supplied material.

        Contact: Zhang Jian

        Tel.: 0512-53571085

        E-mail: zgj@szguoxin.com

        Fax: 0512-53578633


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